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Hi there, I'm Cem!

I am a postdoctoral researcher at New York University Abu Dhabi. My interests lie in Decision Sciences and Behavioral Economics.

Here are some of the questions in my agenda:

  • Decisions in policy/business often rely on surveys & subjective feedback. How can we ensure self-reported data is informative? Can we detect misreports and lies? How can we encourage honesty?
  • Expertise is elusive. Can we consistently identify experts in judgment/decision problems? How should we reward judgment accuracy?
  • Studies in the wisdom of crowds suggest that aggregating diverse judgments improves decision/prediction accuracy. How should we combine disagreeing judgments for best results?

You can find my work, CV and contact information on this website!


Peer prediction markets to elicit unverifiable information

(joint with Aurélien Baillon and Sophie van der Zee)

Extracting the collective wisdom in probabilistic judgments

Incentives for self-extremized expert judgments to alleviate the shared-information problem

Robust recalibration of aggregate probability forecasts using meta-beliefs

(joint with Tom Wilkening)

Using prediction interval skewness to improve forecast accuracy

(joint with Yael Grushka-Cockayne, Victor R.R. Jose, Jacob Rittich and Jack Soll)

  • In progress

You can find my CV here